Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Politically incorrect-Maya's criticism

According to a report in Hindustan Times of 18-9-09, Mayawati, Bahujan Samaj party chief, famous for building statues across U. P., has criticized Maharashtra government’s plan to build a massive monument to honor the Maratha warrior king (Shivaji ), off the cost of Mumbai.
According to the report, Mayati spake thus: “ The austerity measures initiated by the Congress led UPA are a drama. Is spending several crores on the Shivaji memorial not misuse of public funds?”
Coming from a person who has built her own statues at the cost of rupees two thousand crores of public fund is rather daring, to say the least. If you ask me, it is a perfect case of pot calling kettle black.
What Mayawati actually meant was that Mumbai has no land for its population. So why waste this short supply of land on statues? U.P. on the other hand, being the biggest state, has ample space which is unused. And Mayawati being Mayawati, all the land she can see is hers. She is the monarch (ess) of all she surveys. May be she thinks she is using this excess land to better use, whereas, there is no land in Maharashtra to waste.
Another point- the warrior of Maharashtra is long gone, but the warrior (ess) of U.P. is still fighting it out with Congress-UPA. And of course, this battle which she is fighting is far more dangerous then what Shivaji fought.
Last but not the least, never mind if the majority of poor in U.P. have no food to eat, by looking at her statue, these people will realize that their saviour is here, still alive, good and proper. So they have hope.
I see children playing one game- STATUE- in which one child calls the other ‘statue’ and the other child freezes midway in whatever action he is doing. The second child de-freezes only when the first child calls ‘over’. I believe someone should play ‘statue’ with Mayawati, take her to a secluded hill, call her ‘statue’ and never call ‘over’. That will save U.P. and our nation a lot of trouble.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Crime-Manu Sharma

Is there a lesson to be learnt in Manu Sharma parole episode? Yes, there is. Don’t enter into any criminal activity if you are not Manu Sharma. If an ordinary mortal like you and me, ever gets into a fight with his neighbor and arrested, God help him. But, if you are Manu Sharma, you can get away with murder. Manu Sharma almost did. He was acquitted in 2003. It was only after tremendous public outcry, Manu got life imprisonment, of course with all possible comforts he would have in his own house.

Life imprisonment? Manu laughs. There is always parole. One month’s parole extended to two months, enjoying night club parties and if he did not have altercations and scuffle with another top lad, his parole would have extended further.

Meanwhile, his ailing mother, reason of his parole, happily moving around in her circles, enjoying her high status and merrily making some public announcements, all under the watchful eyes of the law, always sure of the invincibility of her family.

In short, there is a lesson to be learnt, if you want to indulge yourself in crime, first be rich and influential. How you become rich is not important. Just be rich, be Manu Sharma. End justifies means. Once you do that, once you are Manu Sharma, indulge yourself in any in any activity you like, criminal or otherwise. Every time there won’t be public outcry. And even if there is, you can expect help from top class lawyers, you can expect the trial to linger for life. After years of trial if you are sentenced, there is always parole. If you are Manu Sharma, you can replace yourself with a substitute after sometime. The condition is: you have to be Manu Sharma.

In long and short: The trial is long and punishment is short. So enjoy your crime and shoot whom you like.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Indian politics-Poor tribal

Ex-chief minister of Jharkhand, Madhu Koda has gone on record to declare that he is a poor tribal being unnecessarily harassed by the authority.

Rightly so. His counter part, ex-chief minister of Bihar, our very own Sri Lalu Prasad Yadav was involved in the fodder scam of Rupees nine hundred crores. That was years back. Considering the inflation since, this scam of four thousand crores is nothing. So Koda considers himself poor.

On top of this, authorities are keen to make him face economic offence directorate for questioning. How inconsiderate? He has two solid reasons not to face the enquiry. One, as soon as he was found to have bungled money, he conveniently fell ill. How can you question a person who is not well? Second, his wife is standing in elections. So, he wants to campaign for his wife. It is his solemn duty to stand by his wife. His wife is not involved in any scandal. Ours being a democratic nation, he has every right to help his wife in time of her need, scam or no scam.

In case his wife wins this election, government can make as many enquiries as it likes. Where is the harm? More then half of Koda’s ill-gotten wealth is already safe, invested in foreign countries. If nothing happened to Lalu Yadav, how can anything happen to Madhu Koda? That will be injustice. Even after proved guilty, Lalu enjoys one ministry or the other, so will Koda. More so, because he is a tribal. Even if there is a token trial and a token sentence and even if all his wealth in this country is seized, he can bank upon his investments outside this country when he comes out of prison, that is, if at all he goes to prison, which is unlikely.

In long and short: By all means get involved in scams. But they should be long scams. And in short, invest in foreign shores. You will be as safe as ever. Enjoy your scam.

Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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