Thursday, September 24, 2009

Politically incorrect-Reliance

Just yesterday, I came across a poster near my society’s main gate wherein, employees of Anil Ambani have demanded some explanations from their employer. The said poster is in Hindi. The poster claims that Anil has some six thousand employees working under him. There is a balance of only 4400=00 in their Provident Fund account. They have demanded to know from Anil, who is responsible for Rs. 150 crore fraud. There are other questions like why they don’t get ESIC facilities etc. The poster claims: “ ANIL AMBANI JAWAB DO. “

There can be no smoke without fire. Even if a fraction of the employee’s claim regarding their Provident Fund is true, it is a serious offence. If the alleged charge is true, leave alone employer’s contribution, even employees’ contribution which is deducted from their wages is either siphoned off or not deposited in their P.F. account. They claim not to have received annual P. F. sleep, which I suppose is mandatory.

How low can Anil get? It is said that even thieves and dacoits leave alone seven houses and villages surrounding their own house and village. Anil, it seems, has no such scruples. He is fleecing his Reliance Energy customers on whose strength he is having his fun. That is why consumers are now opting for Tata. Now it seems, he is playing with the future of his own employees on whose labour , he is running his empire. What is more, he has gone to court against his own brother for something that does not belong to either of them. And he is talking of honesty, moral and conscious?

The biggest question is: What is government doing about it? It is not possible that P. F. tribunal is not aware of this. Or people like Anil Ambani are above law? I understand his celebrated wife is connected with several social activities while the husband is busy in such unethical ( to put it mildly ) activities. Can there be a bigger example of hypocrisy?

Or is Anil’s empire another bubble like Satyam which can burst anytime? This poster is a awake up call for concerned authorities. Of course, if they want to wake up at all.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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