Friday, September 11, 2009

Indian politics-Tale piece / Twist in tale

L. K. Advani’s luck is running out, but not his cunning. The old man can still give a lesson or two in politics few can match, particularly to media. According to Karan Thapar, (H. T. 30-8-09 ), in 1990 he ( Advani ), first snubbed Karan and later apologized when he realized his mistake. Great. Karan may be right. On the other hand, it (apology ) may be a calculated political move. Advani is well capable of that. One cannot make Advani move even after exposure of his Kandahar fiasco. Here is how:

Scribe: Advaniji, did you have prior knowledge about Kandahar exchange of terrorists?
Scribe: Advaniji, Jaswant Singh says you knew about Kandahar exchange. But you denied it at that time.
Advani: I did not give my consent.
Scribe: Earlier, you denied having any knowledge of the exchange.
Advani: Words mean nothing. I meant I did not give my consent.
Scribe: According to Jaswant Singh, such a big decision was not possible without cabinet meeting and your approval. That means you were there in the meeting.
Advani: Let me put it this way, it did not have my consent.
Scribe: But you had to be present there in the meeting for you not to give your consent.
Advani: Not necessarily. I did not give my consent.
Scribe: But Sir, media…………
Advani: It’s all hype. I………..
Scribe: Sir, I want your specific answer in yes or no…. After Jaswant Singh’s claim, do you still insist that you had no prior knowledge of the terrorists’ exchange?
Advani: You are playing with words. It did not have my consent….

The scribe lost the game and patience.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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