Thursday, September 24, 2009

Politically incorrect-Reliance

Just yesterday, I came across a poster near my society’s main gate wherein, employees of Anil Ambani have demanded some explanations from their employer. The said poster is in Hindi. The poster claims that Anil has some six thousand employees working under him. There is a balance of only 4400=00 in their Provident Fund account. They have demanded to know from Anil, who is responsible for Rs. 150 crore fraud. There are other questions like why they don’t get ESIC facilities etc. The poster claims: “ ANIL AMBANI JAWAB DO. “

There can be no smoke without fire. Even if a fraction of the employee’s claim regarding their Provident Fund is true, it is a serious offence. If the alleged charge is true, leave alone employer’s contribution, even employees’ contribution which is deducted from their wages is either siphoned off or not deposited in their P.F. account. They claim not to have received annual P. F. sleep, which I suppose is mandatory.

How low can Anil get? It is said that even thieves and dacoits leave alone seven houses and villages surrounding their own house and village. Anil, it seems, has no such scruples. He is fleecing his Reliance Energy customers on whose strength he is having his fun. That is why consumers are now opting for Tata. Now it seems, he is playing with the future of his own employees on whose labour , he is running his empire. What is more, he has gone to court against his own brother for something that does not belong to either of them. And he is talking of honesty, moral and conscious?

The biggest question is: What is government doing about it? It is not possible that P. F. tribunal is not aware of this. Or people like Anil Ambani are above law? I understand his celebrated wife is connected with several social activities while the husband is busy in such unethical ( to put it mildly ) activities. Can there be a bigger example of hypocrisy?

Or is Anil’s empire another bubble like Satyam which can burst anytime? This poster is a awake up call for concerned authorities. Of course, if they want to wake up at all.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Political views-Tale piece

So, the Supreme Court has halted the statue installing spree of the Mayawati government. The top court has blasted the U. P. government for wasteful expenditure of public money in the name of constructing memorials of Dalit icons in Lucknow. (Hindustan Times-September 9th , 2009).

Mayawati has installed her statues along with those of her mentor Kanshiram, Ambedkar and her party symbol elephant at various places in Lucknow and God knows where else, at the expenditure of more then two thousand five hundred crores of public money. News papers and media have been quite critical of her. And now this Supreme Court order.

Personally, I don’t think Mayawati has done anything wrong. Most politicians do it, that is, waste public money. That is why they are there in the first place. Only their modus operandi is different. So why lament?

To be fair to Mayawati, she has declared that though right now she has spent money, after some initial months, she will charge money form public who wish to enter the garden where her statues are installed. She is sure people will wish to have her ‘DARSHAN.’ Money thus collected will be spent on public welfare. See? How fair? She will collect money from public and spend on public. Nothing for her. Media has been unnecessarily critical of her. She has only public interest in mind. And this time she has given double benefit to the public. Here is how:

Those of us who want to seek her blessings have to travel quite a distance, thereby spending good amount of money on transportation as well as our time. She has solved this problem. Where ever you are, just get out of your house, walk a little distance, turn left or right as the case maybe, and there is your Mayawati: life size to bless you. No more distant travel, no wait. Money saved, time saved. That is one benefit. Now what little pay as entry fee is going to be spent on your welfare only. So your money is back in your pocket by way of welfare schemes. This is your second benefit.

Mayawati has just made one little mistake. She should not have erected statues of Kanshiram and others. Her own statue is alright, but it should have been without her purse. In place of other statues, she should have, instead, installed life size statue of her purse with ‘piggy bank’ hole in it, big enough to slide thousand Rupees notes in it and small enough so that no body can take them out. After the Taj fiasco poor Mayawati is left poorer. Just as she is thinking of public welfare, we should also think of her. Those visiting Mayawati ‘s statues after paying a little entry fee, which in turn will be used for their own benefit, should also put something in that ‘ Piggy bank’ suitcase in appreciation of Mayawati’s whole hearted efforts to save your money and time. So let’s reciprocate. One good deed deserves another.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Indian politics-Tale piece / Twist in tale

L. K. Advani’s luck is running out, but not his cunning. The old man can still give a lesson or two in politics few can match, particularly to media. According to Karan Thapar, (H. T. 30-8-09 ), in 1990 he ( Advani ), first snubbed Karan and later apologized when he realized his mistake. Great. Karan may be right. On the other hand, it (apology ) may be a calculated political move. Advani is well capable of that. One cannot make Advani move even after exposure of his Kandahar fiasco. Here is how:

Scribe: Advaniji, did you have prior knowledge about Kandahar exchange of terrorists?
Scribe: Advaniji, Jaswant Singh says you knew about Kandahar exchange. But you denied it at that time.
Advani: I did not give my consent.
Scribe: Earlier, you denied having any knowledge of the exchange.
Advani: Words mean nothing. I meant I did not give my consent.
Scribe: According to Jaswant Singh, such a big decision was not possible without cabinet meeting and your approval. That means you were there in the meeting.
Advani: Let me put it this way, it did not have my consent.
Scribe: But you had to be present there in the meeting for you not to give your consent.
Advani: Not necessarily. I did not give my consent.
Scribe: But Sir, media…………
Advani: It’s all hype. I………..
Scribe: Sir, I want your specific answer in yes or no…. After Jaswant Singh’s claim, do you still insist that you had no prior knowledge of the terrorists’ exchange?
Advani: You are playing with words. It did not have my consent….

The scribe lost the game and patience.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Politically incorrect-P.M. Advani

Since Sri L. K. Advani was a Prime ministerial candidate, it would be interesting to anticipate how the man who declared Jinnah, a secular, (Jinnah was a nationalist), would have behaved as our top national leader. I have always found Advani inconsistent. He will give one statement this moment and deny it the next, saying he didn’t mean it.

On his next visit to Pakistan as our Prime Minister, he would have declared Musharraf as our only well wisher and Pakistan to be the only friendly neighbour India could have wished to have. Presently, He would have offered 10 percent commission to Zardari on all our government deals as a gesture of goodwill.

On to Bangladesh – He would have invited Bangladeshi refugees to India assuring them of residences, ration cards and voter’s rights, never mind our own overflowing population living in slums and shitting on streets. That would have ensured increased vote bank for him and would have earned that country’s gratitude.

China – Advani would have guaranteed import of all Chinese third grade products to India irrespective of their health hazards and expiry dates. To further strengthen our friendship, he would have gifted a few thousand square miles of our land to China to be used as burial ground for their bulging population.

Over to US – He would have declared Bush as our benefactor and would have accepted him as our guardian Godfather as Fontane had accepted Brando in Godfather.

In India, he would have ordered all government cars to be converted into chariots. Further he would have compared Narendra Modi with Mahatma Gandhi and declared Modi as father of Gujarat.

A man who could proclaim Jinnah a secular would be capable of these and many more things.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Current affairs-Hypocricy

I am yet to come across a bigger hypocrite than Anil Ambani. According to Anil, oil ministry is partial to Mukesh ( Ambani ) and that the RIL is firing from petroleum ministry’s shoulders. (Hindustan Times – 29-7-09). Whatever Anil’s differences with Mukesh, he has just conveniently chosen to forget his own immediate past.

Ever since he took over from BSES Ltd., he has fleeced more then twenty lacs electricity consumers right from the start by way of fixed charges and reliability charges and what not which were unheard of in the times of BSES. The charges of electricity per unit have doubled since he took over. Didn’t Anil fire from the shoulders of MERC? It is only after much opposition from political parties and huge public outcry that the recent hike was put off.

I am not in favour of Mukesh and I certainly do not want to judge who is right and who is wrong. But if, as Anil says Mukesh is trying to fleece him ( If at all ),Mukesh is fleecing a person who deserved to be fleeced. Anil himself is guilty of the same crime.

Lastly, it is heartening to know that Tatas are coming to the rescue of common consumers.

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