Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Politically incorrect-Traitors within

How can India fight terrorists’ attacks from Pakistan and Taliban etc. when it has our own so many terrorists within our country? And that too in commanding positions? Take for example DMK chief Karunanidhi. He has openly declared that he was friends with Prabhakaran. He aptly meant in his statement that he supported Prabhakaran’s cause. That Prabhakaran, who was instrumental in assassination of our Prime Minister,
that Prabhakaran who was responsible for the murder of their own President. That Prabhakaran was Karunanidhi’s friend who committed innumerable murders in the name of Tamilians’ welfare. Karunanidhi is roaming free, fighting elections whereas he should be behind bars.

Jayalalitha has declared she is going to send army to Sri Lanka and see to it that the Tamilians get a separate Tamil state inside Sri Lanka. What a statement? It was simply made to get political mileage. But the question is, could she make such irrational statements and getaway with them? It looks like.

These are the leaders who are leading our country and even have followers of their own. That is the irony. India is a democratic country and everyone has the right of expression. But democracy comes with responsibility, which our politicians lack. That is our misfortune. As for Prabhakaran, I am yet to find a person who is more coward and mean then Prabhakaran was. He was always involving and hiding behind women and children. He called himself a warrior. His elimination is well deserved. In fact he should have been eliminated years back.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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