Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Political views-Lessons from Sri Lanka

India has a lot to learn from Sri Lanka. I will not go into the moral issue of Sri Lankan government’s attack on LTTE. People may have different views on that. To each his own. But it is a fact that Sri Lanka has shown exemplary perseverance in dealing with LTTE that India should have shown while dealing with Pakistan and Taliban terrorists. India has been suffering from terrorists’ attack for the past more then twenty years. There have been heavy casualties including Parliament attack and Mumbai suffering on 26/11 among numerous others. Still we have not gone beyond “we will not tolerate, we will see” (humen dekhana hai, hum dekhenge). Pakistan and Taliban prompted terrorists make mockery of our threats, laugh at us, deny their involvement, reject our proofs, wait for a while and continue with their game. Not a single politician has guts and political will to control internal and external terrorists.

Sri Lanka too has been suffering from LTTE & Prabhakaran for quite sometime. There was truce and ceasefire between Sri Lanka & LTTE for quite a number of times. Every time LTTE broke the truce. But once the Sri Lankan government decided that enough was enough, they set about the task. They set a massive military attack on LTTE. There were casualties on both sides. They may be right, they may be wrong to have put lives of so many civilians at risk. It is a matter of individual opinion. But once they decided to eliminate LTTE, they set about the task with full force. They continued with their task even after international outcry for ceasefire. They continued because they believed in their mission. That required tremendous political will, which their President showed. They wanted Prabhakaran & LTTE eliminated eliminate they did. Prabhakaran is dead.

The result is there for everyone to see.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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