Friday, May 29, 2009

Political views-Congress or Manmohan

Congress – UPA has won. I too was as confused as others as to the outcome of this election. All political pundits failed in their assessments this time. Some said it would be a close finish. Some predicted fractured verdict. Some went for the third front. No body was near the truth. No body anticipated clear victory for congress.

In retrospect, I feel there should not have been any doubt as to who will win. The picture should have been clear as to congress’ victory. I never considered the third front had any chance. The choice was between Congress and BJP, or so it seemed. But I have a feeling that actually the fight was not between Congress and BJP, it was between Manmohan Singh and Advani. I think people have lost faith in all parties, even these two. People were not satisfied with the working of any party, nor were they satisfied with their election campaign which was without any agenda. No party has done enough of anything for the masses. This time around, voters chose to vote for individuals. And the choice was, or comparison was between Manmohan and Advani. Manmohan was bound to win and win he did, hands down.

If, individual personality was as any factor, there can be no choice between the two. Advani is nowhere near Manmohan’s sophistication. Advani is loud whereas Manmohan is grave. Advani believes in theatrics, Manmohan is straightforward. Advani changes stance at the drop of a hat whereas Monmohan is steadfast. Advani always talks about the past, Manmohan believes in the present and the future. Advani’s image is not clean but no body can point a finger at Manmohan. Hence Manmohan’s victory. This is my personal view, but the choice was never between Congress and BJP, and the result could not have been any thing otherwise.

Last, but not the least, let us consider age factor. If Advani at 81 hoped to continue for full term of five years, Manmohan at 76 has exactly double the time, that is, for two terms. Here also Manmohan scores. What do you say?


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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