Sunday, May 24, 2009

Flamboyant Feroze Khan

With Feroze gone, an era has gone. I am yet to come across an actor or a person as good looking and as handsome as Feroze Khan. He had confidence and style and what is more, he was aware of it. Though I was not an admirer of his acting, his presence in a movie was formidable. There was pride in his gait and actions true to his Pathan ancestry. He acted as a sidekick for quite a few initial years, he had what it takes- a tremendous screen presence few could match. He acted with the likes of Manoj Kumar, Rajendra Kumar and Vinod Khanna and I am sure they had to make extra efforts against Feroze’s screen presence. Few could carry off style, flamboyance and even arrogance, if I may say so, as he could.

He was the same in both reel and real life- proud, chivalrous and macho- a true Pathan. I had an occasion to see him at a couple of feet’s distance in a posh club in his much younger days (and mine too). He was strikingly handsome and good looking even without those paints, in fact, more so. He was talking to a producer in that club. In the course of their discussion, the producer said something that Feroze probably didn’t like. In his true fashion Feroze just raised his eyebrows for the producer to cower. A true man. Today’s heroes with six and eight ebbs, bulging biceps and broad chests stand nowhere near Feroze’s manly personality.

With Feroze gone, that breed has gone, style and poise has gone, chivalry and grace has gone and gone are the movies like Qurbani. May God rest his soul in Peace. AMEN.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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