Sunday, May 31, 2009

Politically incorrect-Had Advani been P.M.

Since Sri L. K. Advani was a Prime ministerial candidate, it would be interesting to anticipate how the man who declared Jinnah, a secular, ( Jinnah was a nationalist), would have behaved as our top national leader. I have always found Advani inconsistent. He will give one statement this moment and deny it the next, saying he didn’t mean it.

On his next visit to Pakistan as our Prime Minister, he would have declared Musharraf as our only well wisher and Pakistan to be the only friendly neighbour India could have wished to have. Presently, he would have offered 10 percent commission to Zardari on all our government deals as a gesture of goodwill.

On to Bangladesh – He would have invited Bangladeshi refugees to India assuring them of residences, ration cards and voter’s rights, never mind our own overflowing population living in slums and shitting on streets. That would have ensured increased vote bank for him and would have earned that country’s gratitude.

China – Advani would have guaranteed import of all Chinese third grade products to India irrespective of their health hazards and expiry dates. To further strengthen our friendship, he would have gifted a few thousand square miles of our land to China to be used as burial ground for their bulging population.

Over to US – He would have declared Bush as our benefactor and would have accepted him as our guardian Godfather as Fontane had accepted Brando in Godfather.

In India, he would have ordered all government cars to be converted into chariots. Further he would have compared Narendra Modi with Mahatma Gandhi and declared Modi as father of Gujarat.

A man who could proclaim Jinnah a secular would be capable of these and many more things.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Political views-Congress or Manmohan

Congress – UPA has won. I too was as confused as others as to the outcome of this election. All political pundits failed in their assessments this time. Some said it would be a close finish. Some predicted fractured verdict. Some went for the third front. No body was near the truth. No body anticipated clear victory for congress.

In retrospect, I feel there should not have been any doubt as to who will win. The picture should have been clear as to congress’ victory. I never considered the third front had any chance. The choice was between Congress and BJP, or so it seemed. But I have a feeling that actually the fight was not between Congress and BJP, it was between Manmohan Singh and Advani. I think people have lost faith in all parties, even these two. People were not satisfied with the working of any party, nor were they satisfied with their election campaign which was without any agenda. No party has done enough of anything for the masses. This time around, voters chose to vote for individuals. And the choice was, or comparison was between Manmohan and Advani. Manmohan was bound to win and win he did, hands down.

If, individual personality was as any factor, there can be no choice between the two. Advani is nowhere near Manmohan’s sophistication. Advani is loud whereas Manmohan is grave. Advani believes in theatrics, Manmohan is straightforward. Advani changes stance at the drop of a hat whereas Monmohan is steadfast. Advani always talks about the past, Manmohan believes in the present and the future. Advani’s image is not clean but no body can point a finger at Manmohan. Hence Manmohan’s victory. This is my personal view, but the choice was never between Congress and BJP, and the result could not have been any thing otherwise.

Last, but not the least, let us consider age factor. If Advani at 81 hoped to continue for full term of five years, Manmohan at 76 has exactly double the time, that is, for two terms. Here also Manmohan scores. What do you say?


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Political views-Lessons from Sri Lanka

India has a lot to learn from Sri Lanka. I will not go into the moral issue of Sri Lankan government’s attack on LTTE. People may have different views on that. To each his own. But it is a fact that Sri Lanka has shown exemplary perseverance in dealing with LTTE that India should have shown while dealing with Pakistan and Taliban terrorists. India has been suffering from terrorists’ attack for the past more then twenty years. There have been heavy casualties including Parliament attack and Mumbai suffering on 26/11 among numerous others. Still we have not gone beyond “we will not tolerate, we will see” (humen dekhana hai, hum dekhenge). Pakistan and Taliban prompted terrorists make mockery of our threats, laugh at us, deny their involvement, reject our proofs, wait for a while and continue with their game. Not a single politician has guts and political will to control internal and external terrorists.

Sri Lanka too has been suffering from LTTE & Prabhakaran for quite sometime. There was truce and ceasefire between Sri Lanka & LTTE for quite a number of times. Every time LTTE broke the truce. But once the Sri Lankan government decided that enough was enough, they set about the task. They set a massive military attack on LTTE. There were casualties on both sides. They may be right, they may be wrong to have put lives of so many civilians at risk. It is a matter of individual opinion. But once they decided to eliminate LTTE, they set about the task with full force. They continued with their task even after international outcry for ceasefire. They continued because they believed in their mission. That required tremendous political will, which their President showed. They wanted Prabhakaran & LTTE eliminated eliminate they did. Prabhakaran is dead.

The result is there for everyone to see.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Politically incorrect-Traitors within

How can India fight terrorists’ attacks from Pakistan and Taliban etc. when it has our own so many terrorists within our country? And that too in commanding positions? Take for example DMK chief Karunanidhi. He has openly declared that he was friends with Prabhakaran. He aptly meant in his statement that he supported Prabhakaran’s cause. That Prabhakaran, who was instrumental in assassination of our Prime Minister,
that Prabhakaran who was responsible for the murder of their own President. That Prabhakaran was Karunanidhi’s friend who committed innumerable murders in the name of Tamilians’ welfare. Karunanidhi is roaming free, fighting elections whereas he should be behind bars.

Jayalalitha has declared she is going to send army to Sri Lanka and see to it that the Tamilians get a separate Tamil state inside Sri Lanka. What a statement? It was simply made to get political mileage. But the question is, could she make such irrational statements and getaway with them? It looks like.

These are the leaders who are leading our country and even have followers of their own. That is the irony. India is a democratic country and everyone has the right of expression. But democracy comes with responsibility, which our politicians lack. That is our misfortune. As for Prabhakaran, I am yet to find a person who is more coward and mean then Prabhakaran was. He was always involving and hiding behind women and children. He called himself a warrior. His elimination is well deserved. In fact he should have been eliminated years back.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Flamboyant Feroze Khan

With Feroze gone, an era has gone. I am yet to come across an actor or a person as good looking and as handsome as Feroze Khan. He had confidence and style and what is more, he was aware of it. Though I was not an admirer of his acting, his presence in a movie was formidable. There was pride in his gait and actions true to his Pathan ancestry. He acted as a sidekick for quite a few initial years, he had what it takes- a tremendous screen presence few could match. He acted with the likes of Manoj Kumar, Rajendra Kumar and Vinod Khanna and I am sure they had to make extra efforts against Feroze’s screen presence. Few could carry off style, flamboyance and even arrogance, if I may say so, as he could.

He was the same in both reel and real life- proud, chivalrous and macho- a true Pathan. I had an occasion to see him at a couple of feet’s distance in a posh club in his much younger days (and mine too). He was strikingly handsome and good looking even without those paints, in fact, more so. He was talking to a producer in that club. In the course of their discussion, the producer said something that Feroze probably didn’t like. In his true fashion Feroze just raised his eyebrows for the producer to cower. A true man. Today’s heroes with six and eight ebbs, bulging biceps and broad chests stand nowhere near Feroze’s manly personality.

With Feroze gone, that breed has gone, style and poise has gone, chivalry and grace has gone and gone are the movies like Qurbani. May God rest his soul in Peace. AMEN.

Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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