Saturday, April 4, 2009

Politically incorrect -Mercy

This refers to the news in Hindustan Times dt. 12-3-09 about the residents who had paid their hard earned money in booking flats at Oswal Paradise and then finding it reduced to rubble in front of their own eyes, as the construction was illegal, while the builder went scot free.

When we were small boys, we often used to hear a story about “Puri Nagari and Chopat raja” from our parents and elders. This story fits here. How is a purchaser, an ordinary lay man to know who the land belongs to. Whereas the builder ought to know. Municipal Corporation should know. How did the registrar office carry out the registration? How did the builder get water and electricity connections? And how did financial institutions grant home loans if the title was not clear? Obviously, the builder stuffed pockets of all these people.

What kind of law and what kind of administration is this? Knowing fully well that the builder and permit givers are the real culprits, innocent buyers are made to suffer for no fault of theirs. Before demolishing the structure, the builder and his accomplices should be booked first. They should be made to fully compensate buyers including registration fees, stamp duties etc. along with cost of the flat. Then only the structure should be demolished.

Instead, the builder here is free to look out for another illegal plot, bribe concerned officers, tempt other innocent buyers, pocket the money and leave the hapless buyers at the mercy of our able administration and GOD. This happens only in India. Shining India?


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