Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shocking Reliance

In his letter dt. 3rd March in Hindustan Times, MR. Hansraj Bhat has written that money-hungry power supplier Anil Ambani robs consumers every month.

Anil Ambani’s greed knows no bounds. Till it was BSES there were no fixed charges.Minimum charges were Rs. 10 then. The day Anil took over, and BSES became Reliance Energy, Anil started fleecing consumers. He introduced fixed charges, reliability charges, security deposits etc. What are fixed charges? It’s a loot. Fixed charges should be for those who are not using electricity with 0 unit consumption, that is, minimum charges. But when you are using electricity, you are charged per unit along with all other taxes. Why then fixed charges? He makes millions by way of this one charge.

Reliability charges? What are they? No body knows. He charges for fuel adjustment, when fuel is at it’s lowest throughout the world. In these four-five years, Reliance has called for security deposits at least two or three times. With millions of consumers in his fold, he must have minted several hundred crores of Rupees by way of this one loot.

This trend should be controlled. Administration should allow other players in this field. It should be remembered that along with rich, ordinary people can’t do without electricity. Like in Telecom, other players should be invited in order to make it competitive.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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