Friday, March 20, 2009

Politically incorrect-Big loser

President Zardari has lost the game and with that, he has lost his face and much more. Under pressure, he had to agree to reinstate Chief Justice Choudhry. Earlier too, he had to give in to Taliban in Swat valley. This is his second blunder or defeat, which ever suits you.

Zardari is no Benazir Bhutto. He does not have that political sense, perseverance, public support and that guts. He gave in to Taliban, he gave in to Nawaz Sharif and it appears he will go on giving to the army and ISI too, till he is ousted. His days are numbered. When he became President, the first thing he should have done is to invite Choudhry to be the Chief Justice of Pakistan, as promised earlier. Instead, he chose to ignore all promises he had made. Zardari does not have farsightedness. He doesn’t have the ability to mobilize opinion which Nawaz Sharif has in plenty. Zardari’s own manipulations are harming him and his nation.

Now that Chief Justice Choudhry will be back in power on 22nd March, Zardari may face further trouble if Justice Choudhry decides to end immunity granted by Musharraf for graft charges. If that happens, Zardari won’t have any leg to stand on, let alone retaining President ship.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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