Friday, March 6, 2009

Inevitable split

It is widely reported that the Slumdog star Frieda Pinto has dropped her boyfriend (now ex) as the relationship might hamper her rise as world renowned actress. (Hindustan Times,dt.19th Feb.’09.) Now it is proved beyond doubt that Rohan Antao was indeed her fiancĂ© and they were engaged. Freida had an incredible opportunity but would not be able to make most of it if she was tied down.

Is Rohan better off? Most certainly. It is said that Frieda was very unassuming, shy & invisible in college. Being a simple and ordinary girl then, she may not have thought of or expected to be in limelight. That too on this scale. So now sky is the limit for her. Earlier, she may have wanted emotional support from Rohan, not now. She has left him behind.

I admire Rohan’s silence, dignified silence at that. Frieda has moved up in life and Rohan remains where he was. Even if Freida had not broken ties, would they have been happy together? Probably not. Rohan is certainly better off. He should continue to maintain his silence and with that, his dignity.

The gap now is wide. Where Rohan is still an ordinary boy, Freda, an ordinary girl from Malad now thinks in terms of settling in New York because she can gather her thoughts only there. That’s how wide the gap is.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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