Sunday, March 8, 2009

Forced truce

A few days back it was reported in news papers that LTTE had offered negotiations of truce to Sri Lankan government and the President and the army chief laughed it off. Way to go. The Lankan government realized that the LTTE was buying time as it was cornered. Years of negotiations had failed and now there was no reason to believe that the LTTE had good intentions. Sri Lankan government is out to wipe it out of existence. Whether it will succeed is a different matter. But the decision is absolutely right.
The will is there.

The same is true of India & Pakistan. Where Pakistan is intentionally applying delaying tactics, India is satisfied with Pakistan taking little actions against terrorists after three months of attack. With that Pakistan also asserts that it is not satisfied with evidence provided by us so far and wants further questions answered. While war, probably, is not the solution at present, India doesn’t need to supply further evidence or answer any further questions from Pakistan. The whole world is satisfied that Pakistan is involved. India should unrelentingly put pressure on Pakistan to accept responsibility and behave. There should be no negotiations, no exchanges, no trains or buses, no embassies. Pakistan has more to lose. We should stick to one word: ACTION.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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