Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Want Padmashri?

Now comes the news that Aishwarya Rai is awarded Padma Shri. What has congress come to? Couldn’t they find a better person? A host of persons, for example, those who try to protect the environment, are better suited for the award.

Mind you, I am a admirer of Aishwarya’s beauty and those big smashing eyes. I don’t know about her acting. I am not much into films. May be she is a good actress. But then let Bollywood honor her with hundred awards. But Padma Shri? How does she deserve it? What has she done for the society? Or what is her contribution to the nation? It is purely a political move. Congress is clearly trying to woo Amar Singh and there by Samajwadi Party for their support. Even a blind man can see that.

Bhagwan Thadani & Deepak Chikramane rightly say that the importance of Padma Shri has diminished (H.T.30.1.09-Your space at H.T.) and I feel that the award will simply become a PAWN on political chess board.

So who is next? Salman Khan perhaps? Or what is wrong with our dear Govindaji getting this award? In my personal opinion Johny Lever deserves it more than all these people put together.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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