Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What now?

The war with terrorists is over. One captured alive and nine dead, or so they say.
Now what? Now nothing!

The sentiment of our politicians is clear from the utterances of our beloved leader R.R. Patil to the effect that such small incidents happen in big cities. How cool. Somebody should explain to Mr.Patil in the language he understands that it was an invasion, not just an incident. Hundreds of people don’t lose their lives in incidents. But it was an incident to our politicians – it didn’t happen in their front or back yards. They are surrounded by security at our expense. Even after paying heavy taxes, you don’t buy your security. You buy theirs. The only response from our Government is to warn terrorists and our enemy countries that they should not try our patience. Warning? They laugh at us, make mockery of our warnings and prepare for the next attack.

It is not patience-It is cowardice, it is lack of political will, it is politics of vote, it is a shame on the nation.

What now? Now nothing!


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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