Saturday, January 10, 2009

Political views-Zardari's commission

Pakistan's President Zardari changes his statement everyday. First he said they (the terrorists) were not Pakistanis. Next he said that they were non-state actors. When proved that they were from Pakistan, he said there was not enough proof. He wanted more evidence. When more evidence was provided, he said the mastermind of Mumbai attack was under house arrest. First he said that Kasab was not a citizen of Pakistan. When Kasab’s parents were interviewed and they confessed that Kasab was their son, they were removed from the scene and the village was cornered off.

Zardari is a shameless liar and doesn’t deserve to be where he is today. It is rumored that he took 10 percent commission on every govt. deal when his wife, Benazir, was in power. He was popularly known as 10 percent Zardari. He has become president by the cruel twist of circumstances and not due to his own efforts or goodwill.

What can you except from such a person? How can you expect justice from him? How can you expect him to listen to reason?

Perhaps, Indian government should offer him some commission for him to act against terrorists and remove terrorist camps.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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