Friday, January 30, 2009

Political views-Ex C.M. on picnic?

In his ‘letter of the day’ in Hindustan Times, Jimmy Dadabhoy writes that Maharashtra, which occupied numero uno position among all states, has deteriorated beyond belief in these last eight years. It has new transpired that the then C. M., Vilasrao Deshmukh did not hold a single meeting to launch the 5-star Plan. That if the single leader is to be blamed for misleading Maharashtra and trying to destroy its repute, the laurel must go to Deshmukh.

So right. A gentleman that he is, Dadabhoy has restrained his outpour. But I fully endorse his views. When I saw footage of his visit to Taj after terroritists’ shooting, I got the feeling that he was in some art gallery and was accompanied by his celebrity (?) son and a film producer. I doubt Deshmukh has achieved anything of purpose in his long tenure as C. M. Except perhaps promote his son’s career and of course acquiring land and other benefits for trust controlled by him. His tenure was not only a long vacation but a long enjoyable picnic for him.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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