Thursday, January 29, 2009

Muscle politics

Senior Thackeray, Sri Balasaheb started it. His nephew Raj Thackeray followed suit. Now Narayan Rane is up to it. Muscle politics. When people don’t listen to them, they force them to. When people don’t notice them, they force them to.

It appears that the editor of Newspaper ‘NAVAKAAL’ criticized Rane for his journey in Sena and his flip-flops in Congress. And rightly so. So Rane’s supporters vandalized Navakaal’s office. A good politician should be able to take criticism in his stride. Rane can’t. So he got the newspaper office destroyed. Muscle politics.

Earlier, Sena workers vandalized and assaulted staff members of Inter Continental Hotel at Sahar for sacking some employees. Muscle politics.

Everyone is well aware about Raj ‘s jaunt of beating poor north Indians for express purpose of removing them from the state. Muscle politics.

Examples are countless. Rane’s is the latest flick. Administration is mute spectator. Every time one of the trio use muscle, vandalize properties, beat taxi drivers, set fire to buses, bring Mumbai to a stand still, the administration simply say investigations are on and strict action will be taken against culprits. Then nothing happens. Sometimes there are token arrests and bail is granted within hours, if not in minutes. What is more, arrests are royally treated.

Is this is our democracy or mockery of it.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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