Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mayawati's maya

On the morning of 25th December, the headlines in Hindustan Times shouted 'Mayawati's MLA held for lynching an engineer.' All for Mayawati's birtday bash. It is reported that the Govt. engineer ignored or refused to pay the extortion amount demanded by the Chief Minister's MLA for her birthday, and that she wanted to collect Rs. 10000 million.
It is sheer irony that such are our Chief Ministers. Do you think we need extortionists like Abu Salem, Gawli, Memon & Dawood Ibrahim, with Mayawati around? Instead of recruiting henchmen, they might as well give contracts to Mayawati's MLAs. And for that matter, Pakistan's Mr. Zardari is wasting time and energy to create unrest in India. Mayawati is doing the job for him.
When the entire nation is reeling under recession and terrorist attacks, the great leader Mayawati is keen on celebrating her birthday and that too, by extorting money. We have elected her and we deserve to be treated the way she is treating us.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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