Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Continued act

I was never a fan of Sri Balasaheb Thackrey. But for once, I agree with him, when, according to Hindustan Times of December 23rd, he said to the effect that only Indira Gandhi had the guts to handle threats, which endangered national security. There is no use of issuing just threats to Pakistan.

He is right and to the point. We have been issuing warnings and threats to the terrorists and enemy countries for the past several years. And they have been attacking us for those many years. We warn, they act. Against the loss of our two hundred lives, they loose ten. Sometimes not even that many. I don’t even count our financial, moral and social loss. They loose nothing on that count. Our voice is mild where as they shout from rooftops. After Indira Gandhi, no politician has guts. Balasaheb is right.

And with likes of Sri R. R. Patil, Rane and Antulay among us, Pakistan doesn’t need any other incentive to continue their act.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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